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It's Time for Play4All

 Over 1 million children across the world do not have access to safe, inclusive spaces to play.

At Dream Networks we are on a mission to end play inequality and enable Play4All.

Dream Networks collaborates with Businesses, Schools and Community groups to create co-designed, inclusive play spaces for all children across the world.

Join us to create Play4All !

Over 40,000 children

able to play in our co-designed, inclusive play spaces

1000s of creative ideas

generated by children in our playful STEM programmes

Over 180 volunteers

investing time and resources to empower children and communities

Over 10 schools

empowering their children and staff to co-design and improve their play spaces

2 Continents

now have programmes implemented by Dream Networks

Community tailored

Our play spaces are tailored to meet the requirements of the community where the play spaces are built 

Business supported

Businesses use their skills and resources to support the design and building process

Sustainably built

From the initial design to full-scale build, our play spaces are built with a focus on the sustainable use of natural resources and materials 

Creative play areas

Our play areas are designed and inspired by creative young minds, for creative young minds

 At Dream Networks we target underserved communities where the need for children to experience play is the greatest.

By providing co-design services and inclusive play spaces we improve social, economic and environmental ecosystems

We create collaborative networks between schools, businesses and communities, which encourages knowledge transfer and produces opportunities for further sustainable development.


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