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Architect and Developer

Engaging with the community and providing social value is at the heart of mission as a social enterprise. Through our safe haven programmes, we collaborate with architects, urban designers and homebuilders to provide play spaces designed by the community. Through our co-design workshops and participatory design tools, we enable community members to become design partners and actively participate to create their own play spaces. Play spaces that reflect the needs  the people using the space and the environment. We are expertise in producing inclusive play spaces, that provide great play value and enriching experiences for children of mixed ages and abilities . We also adopt regenerative practises to create play spaces that help to increase the biodiversity of environments.

Check out the image below to find out more about how we provide social value and see how our programmes can enable you to produce engaging play spaces for all. 

Children are empowered to design their own play space through participating in STEAM-based co-design workshops. The children learn about sustainable use of resources, engineering, and design principles

Love Plays Science Captial Dimensions
  • Knowledge about the transferability of science skills
  • Knowing people in science-related jobs
  • Talking to others about science in everyday life & encouragement
  • Scientific literacy
  • Science-related attitudes, values and dispositions
  • Participation in out of school science learning contexts
  • Science media consumption

“It has impacted the school because it has allowed children to have their voice heard”​

Matt Morden

Head Teacher, Surrey Square Primary School

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