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Love Plays

Since 2016, Dream Networks has been successfully bringing play spaces to marginalised children in the UK and Internationally.

Love Plays is our most popular programme with businesses, schools and communities. Enabling us all to address social, economic, and environmental needs through play spaces designed by children with the support of businesses.

An image from a workshop of children lyig on the floor, working on a large piece of artwork together

What it is: 

Love Plays is our co-design and build programme for schools and communities. Where business donate their time and resources to support children to design their own play spaces and make their dreams of playing a reality. It addresses three social, environmental and economic needs:


  1. The global need for physical and cognitive development cultivated through outdoor play
  2. The local and global need for practical and engaging application of STEM in school education and improved career aspirations.
  3. The pressing need for younger generations to be educated on the sustainable use of resources and global sustainability issues

Who it involves:

Businesses, schools and/ or communities

What we do:

This programme consists of three stages: workshops, design and the build.

1. Workshops:

During STEAM workshops, children get to create their play space using design software specially adapted for this purpose. They get to learn the concept of design thinking, get a great introduction to STEAM, and learn about the importance of using sustainable resources. The workshops are led either by volunteers provided by a business, or with the help of school teachers. We also do our best to invite guest facilitators from the industry.

2. The Design:

Our team makes children's dreams of playing a reality by developing the children's designs to ensure they can be built sustainable and are inclusive.

3. The Build:

After the design has been created, we partner with local builders, landscapers and artisans to bring the designs to life. 


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