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Safe Haven

Since 2016, Dream Networks has been successfully bringing play projects to the children in the UK and Global South.

In our Safe Haven programme, play spaces are developed collaboratively with community members, and built in public or residential spaces, providing local children with a safe and fun space to play that renews their environment.

What it is:

The focus of the Safe Haven programme is on providing play to wider communities,  focusing on celebrating their culture and improving both the play facilities and economic development. We also aim to create play features from 100% sustainable, local materials and where possible incorporate the use of renewable energy sources. We work with the community to create community resilient solutions that help to protect and enhance the environment.

Who it involves:

This programme is all about the involvement of communities into the build process, and building play spaces in schools, residential areas and public spaces. To do so, we collaborate with Architects,  Property Developers, Urban designers and NGOs to provide community lead and sustainable solutions..

What we do:

Similar to our Love Plays programme, Safe Haven also includes workshops, design, and the build process. The designs are developed collaboratively with community members, and we facilitate the exchange of ideas during workshops.

We are proud of our mission to use sustainable materials and renewable energy in our build. We work with the community to gain greater understanding of how we incorporate local materials and culture to create a play space that nurtures and renews the environment.

But sustainability is not just about physical resources, but the legacy that this programme will leave behind. Safe Haven promotes economic development through providing methods for local communities to promote their local culture and skills to visitors, transfer knowledge, and leave long-lasting relationships between different sectors of our society.

We either manage the build or the architects and property developers we partner with.

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