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Playful Engineers: sustaining futures



Playful Engineers: Sustaining Futures provides children with the opportunity to learn more about engineering's contribution to sustainable development while co-creating solutions to local environmental problems they are facing in their community.

Stage 1: Design workshop

Through a series of interactive, playful workshops facilitated by a diverse group of engineer volunteers, children from local primary and secondary schools learn how engineering shapes the world around them. They decide what local sustainability challenge they want to solve and use design tools such as modelling and computer aided design to solve them.

Because we aim to inspire.

I liked working with [volunteer] because he was black like me and I never knew someone like me could do something like this.

Student feedback

Stage 2: presentation

During their final workshop, the children presented their playful solutions to combat the climate crisis. Workshops were facilitated by a superb team of volunteers - who loved a chance to play themselves!

Because we place children's needs at the core of our mission. 

I enjoyed everything so nothing is my least favourite part.

Student feedback

Stage 3: exhibition

 Our first exhibition is in the making!  Follow us on social media to see when our playful exhibitions are ready and where you can find them!


The final designs will be presented in a playful participatory exhibition in retail shopping centres, which will be open to the public. This will allow members of the public to view models and animations of the children's final designs, respond to sustainability challenges, and learn more about the impact of engineering careers.

The workshop was really enjoyable and teaches about teamwork.

Student feedback

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