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Our Projects

Since 2016, Dream Networks has been successfully bringing play projects to the children in the UK and Global South.

These projects fall under two programmes that we offer: Love Plays and Safe Haven.

Below you can find out more about what they entail, and see completed projects.

What it is: 

Love Plays is our most popular programme. At its core are three needs that are currently unfulfilled:


  1. The global need for physical and cognitive development cultivated through outdoor play
  2. The local and global need for practical and engaging application of STEM in school education
  3. The pressing need for younger generations to be educated on the sustainable use of resources and global sustainability issues

Who it involves:

This programme involves mainly schools and businesses.

What we do:

This programme consists of two stages: workshops and the build.

1. Workshops:

During STEM workshops, children get to create their dream play space using design software specially adapted for this purpose. They get to learn the concept of design thinking, get a great introduction to STEM, and learn about the importance of using sustainable resources. The workshops are led either by volunteers provided by a business, or with the help of school teachers. We also do our best to invite guest facilitators from the industry.

2. The build:

After the design has been created, we will source engineers and contractors to bring the designs to life. If the school decided to pair with another school in the Global South, we will use the same designs for the build!


We have taken Love Plays around the globe!

In the international branch of the programme, a school in the UK will partner with a school from a less economically developed country. 

Students from the UK will design the playground, and Dream Networks will carry out the build abroad. 

This programme promotes cultural exchange and teaches students how to design while keeping in mind the differences between communities. 

What it is:

The focus of the Safe Haven programme is on providing play to wider communities,  focusing on celebrating their culture and improving both the play facilities and economic development. We also aim to create the play area equipment from 100% sustainable, local materials and incorporate the use of renewable energy.

Who it involves:

This programme is all about the involvement of communities into the build process, and building play spaces outside of schools. To do so, we connect Property Developers, NGOs and communities; and provide them with business supported solutions.

What we do:

Similar to our Love Plays programme, Safe Haven also includes workshops and the build process. The designs are developed via a collaborative discourse with the participants, and we facilitate the exchange of ideas between the nodes in the network.

We are proud of our mission to use sustainable materials and renewable energy in our build. But sustainability is not just about physical resources, but the legacy that this programme will leave behind. Safe Haven promotes the economic development through providing methods for local communities to sell and promote their local culture and skills to visitors, provides knowledge transfer and leaves long-lasting relationships between different sectors of our society.

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